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See What Pro Defense NM

Students Are Saying?

"Awesome Class!" - Linda

"Amazed with the professionalism if your staff. Educational, informative and easy to follow. Thanks, Pro Defense!" - Tez

“I have taken CCW classes in four states before going to a CCW class for New Mexico.  Pro Defense’s course was much more comprehensive and educational than any previous course.  The instructors do not just ‘perform’ for the fee, they actually care that you understand the material and learn what you need to know to be a responsible and safe holder of a CCW permit.”  – Neil

“I will absolutely recommend anyone I know in need of any sort of weapons training to contact Pro Defense NM for their needs.  Thank you for everything.”  – Miguel

“I’m so happy that I picked you for my CCW class.  There are so many to pick from and I feel I made the best choice.  All of you were so helpful and answered all the questions anyone had.  My wife learned so much that it makes her feel a lot better about having firearms in the house.  It also made her, or should I say both of us, stop and really think.  I look forward to seeing you again.”  – William

“I picked Pro Defense NM for my CHL needs at random, basically from a simple internet search and boy was I lucky. As both a Gunsmith and a firearms instructor point of view I will recommend Pro Defense NM to any of my family and friends as a place for competent and safe instruction. A professional and relaxed atmosphere (while not skimping on safety) with knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors. From the cost of my class I know you are doing it from a Pro firearms and self-defense point of view and not for the money. I will attend your classes for all my CHL refresher needs. Thank you for offering this professional service.” – Burn

“I enjoyed the format and the structure of the class.  The topics were all covered in an organized fashion and to the point.  You did not waste time going off in different unrelated directions or allow other students to do so.  I’ve seen that happen in other classes.  Yours was comfortable, yet controlled.  I appreciate the time formatting and your accountability to our time as well.  Thank you.  I will, and have already recommended your classes to others.”  – Zina

“I thought that the instruction was excellent.  The content was good and well explained.  Having the large display of a variety of guns to look at was a bonus!  Thanks for a great two days … I will be back for more classes!”  – Skip

“Informative. Relaxing. Especially at the range. I like that you split up the newbies from the renewals, making re-qual much faster! Fair price. We had to find a class for our 4 yr renewal- and fast. We found you and were accommodated quickly!  THANK YOU !!!  We will be back !!“ – Donna

“Thanks to the Pro Defense family for providing an excellent learning experience.  You helped me break some of my 20 year old firearm handling habits.  You helped my wife shoot her first rounds through a handgun in a safe and educated way.  It is reassuring to see such a fine family providing such a valuable service to others.” – Bennet

And many, many more … … …
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